Episode 112 with Mychael Gabriel

Your boys Donnie & Tid, the OGs of online radio are back once again with another super fun episode!  The show opens with the boys discussing what they did this past weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving.  Donnie then realizes that the virtual studio they use has all kinds of preloaded production music – so, they decide to test it out, live on air! 

The guys also talk about Kanye, Jamie Lee Curtis, the drama from the Golden State Warriors practice, the Twitch star who broke her back at a convention and more! 

Our featured guest is singer / songwriter / all around musical prodigy – Mychael Gabriel.  He has a new single “Let There Be Light” is out right now, so he’s here to promote that, but more so, he’s just a good dude who’s down for some super fun convo!  Check it out!