Episode 115 with Cassie DaSilva

Your brothers from another mother, Donnie & Tid are back with another episode of fun and games.  This week the boys talk about Tid’s birthday celebrations, American Thanksgiving, last week’s historic UFC card and Jay Leno catching on fire.  Why is Donnie unsure if he’ll see the new Marvel film, Wakanda Forever?  Which former NBA player has cemented his legacy as one of the biggest a-holes of all time?  Found out on this week’s episode!

This week’s featured guest is TikTok famous!  She’s an angsty-pop-folky lyricist with a very cool sound and last month, Donnie had the opportunity to see her perform live.  She sings about love, and lost love, and hating love and wanting love and missing love – and other things too!  Check out our exclusive chat with Cassie DaSilva!  At the end of the show, the boys play her music video that helped her become TikTok famous – “Unsolicited Contact”!  Check it out!


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