Episode 124 with Ron Hawkins

The Godfathers are back, and they’ve got stories to share!  Hear about the adventures (and misadventures) from their trip to Buffalo last week when they went to see The Trews.  Mr Tidwell decided to do everything in his power to see if they could get arrested, and somehow they survived.

Donnie and Tid discuss that night, and welcome Derek Hamel to the show.  Derek was tasked with the responsibility of filming everything that happened.   Derek joins this week to share a few short clips a talk about his experience with The Godfathers on the road.

Then it’s time for our featured interview.

As a teenager, Lowest of the Low was one of the bands Donnie used to listen to on repeat, so he was thrilled this week when front man Ron Hawkins joined us for a chat.  Ron even graced the boys by performing a new song “Brave New World” off his yet to be released album.

Check it out!


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