Episode 127 with Larry Hankin

This week The Godfathers of Podcasting continue to expand, as they debuted on The Shuli Network.  In the opening segment, we introduce the listeners to our new team of producers and then discuss a bunch of topics including the re-debut of the XFL, the new sentences for R Kelly and Harvey Weinstein, a weird story about the man with the world’s longest tongue – and more!

Our featured guest is Hollywood actor, Larry Hankin.  He’s “that guy” … the guy who you instantly recognize that’s been in everything!   Friends, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, Barry, Malcom in the Middle, Married with Children. Billy Madison, Annie, Escape From Alkatraz, Home Alone, El Camino, Date Night and about 190 more!  He’s been in everything!

Larry is always a great chat.  Don’t miss this interview!