Episode 30 with Diane Franklin

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The Godfathers have hit another milestone!  30 episodes!  Can’t stop – won’t stop!  On the pre-election / pre-Halloween episode there’s plenty of talk about the next president of the United States and our fav Horror films (yes, we see the irony too).

Our special guest this week has been in MANY classic horror films, as well as comedies, romance pictures and more.  She’s also an author and a producer and a total class act.  Our guest is Diane Franklin.

Amongst many other things, Diane talks about her time on the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as the love interest to Keanu Reeves’ character.  Why was Diane not in the 2020 sequel, and why was her character replaced by a younger actress?  Plus, what does Diane have to say about Keanu and his much talked about relationship with Alexandra Grant?  Tune in!

Also, our brother Chris Tidwell and his lovely wife Kelly have a fight on their hands, as Kelly was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Show your support and donate something to their GoFundMePage



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