Episode 32 with Marci Warhaft

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It’s bye bye Donald Trump week AND it’s Notorious T.I.D. Chris Tidwell’s birthday!!

Lots of fun chat this week that is kicked off by a fun video courtesy of  the brilliant Van Vuuren Bros before we welcome author Marci Warhaft to the show.  Her new book. The Good Stripper: A Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lapdances has made huge waves since it was recently released and with good reason.  It’s raw, unmitigated truth and bravery, and cathartic tale of a woman’s battle with incredible obstacles.  Marci’s strength and positive energy oozes through this interview and is absolutely contagious – as is her love of dancing!  

The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores.  Pick it up!!

At the end of the episode, before ALMOST forgetting Tid’s birthday, Donnie asks Dan to put out an off-the-top-of-the-dome freestyle roast for the birthday boy!

Don’t miss this one!

Also, don’t forget … our brother Chris Tidwell and his lovely wife Kelly have a fight on their hands, as Kelly was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Show your support and donate something to their GoFundMePage.   They have almost reached their $10,000 goal!  Put them over the top!



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