Episode 68 – Tribute to Shannon “Daffney” Spruill

Our hearts are broken.  Just hours after hearing our friend Shannon “Daffney” Spruill was no longer with us, we had to make a decision; do tonight’s show or not?  We decided to do it, as a tribute to her.

Shannon was a featured member of World Championship Wrestling and Total Non Stop Action as the Scream Queen Daffney Unger.
A series of in ring injuries forced her into an early retirement.  She faced a monstrous battle with her own mental health – and last night that battle ended. 

She was urging fans and friends on her Instagram Live to pay attention to the fact that September is Suicide Prevention month and to help those that you love while they can still be helped.

This wasn’t a fun episode to do, but it was cathartic.

We love you Shan, and we’re going to miss you.

If you’re struggline with your own mental health, please call these numbers:
Suicide Prevention: 1-833-456-4566 (CAN) 1-800-273-TALK (US) 



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