Episode 74 with Dana Smith

The Godfathers of Podcasting are back with another fantastic episode! This week, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o discuss Kyrie Irving’s angst towards vaccine mandates in the NBA, politician Laverne Spicer’s idiotic tweet concerning the aforementioned story, Superman’s son John Kent coming out as bisexual and Gregg Popovich’s take on Columbus Day.

The boys then welcome Winnipeg-based comedian, Dana Smith to the show. She talks about her new comedy album, “I’ll Smile At Your Funeral” and the inspiration for the title, her recollection of cringeworthy material and subsequent growth as a writer, walking the fine line between being offensive and funny and so much more!

The show ends with an important call to action to support the GoFundMe campaign for Curt Sturrock. He’s a longtime friend of the boys who just came out of brain surgery. Kindly donate what you can.

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