Episode 82 with Stefan Brogren

Welcome to the last episode of The Godfathers of Podcasting for 2021! The boys will be back after the holidays, but won’t leave you before they drop another dope show.

This week, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o discuss O.J. Simpson’s new official freedom, Kim Kardashian’s new venture as a future lawyer, UFC’s Juliana Pena’s upset win over Amanda Nunes and the latest episode of “Dexter: New Blood”.

The Godfathers then welcome back actor, director and Degrassi alumni, Stefan Brogren to the show! He discusses his Christmas traditions with wife, Michelle Shaughnessy (who pops in for a bit!), his film “A Chance For Christmas”, the wonders of cheese (and his shock at his vegan wife’s possibility of eating some in France), his odd love for “Murder She Wrote” and so much more!

Check out this special tech problem-riddled holiday episode now!


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