Episode 85 with Jimmy Korderas

This week’s episode is jam packed!  Dan-e-o has the night off, so it’s Donnie and Tid holdin it down and doin their thing.  
The fellas discuss a bunch of things including the new Peacemaker show, the NFL playoffs, switching to Windows 11, Daniel Radcliffe set to portray Weird Al Yankovic, and more!

Our first guest this week made TMZ headlines yesterday.  He’s a Michael Jackson impersonator who works as a street performer and a pro wrestler.  Yesterday in Vegas, some random man came up to him while he was busking, and just punched him in the face!  Well our guest, Santana Jackson wanted decided to take the man down and choke his ass out until police arrived.  The incident was caught on video, and Santana joins us to discuss!

Our featured guest this week, is a LONG TIME friend of the show, and was a member of the WWE’s referee crew across three decades!  He’s our good pal, Jimmy Korderas!  

Wrestling fans – don’t miss this one!  If you’re not a wrestling fan – you’ll still have fun!


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