About The Godfathers

In May of 1996, Donnie DaSilva and Chris Tidwell sat in a studio in dowontown Toronto, Canada and pushed out one of the first ever live-to-air online radio broadcasts.

With the birth of that show on the ‘Virtually Canadian’ network, online radio was off and running.  Truly, we were “podcasting before podcasting was even called podcasting”.
Since March of 2020 (thanks Covid!) the official OGs of online radio have been back together doing their thing talking current events, politics, sports, relationships, pop culture or anything else that peaks their interest.   

Donnie and Tid have become known for their incredible interview style with amazing guests from all walks of life.  Professional athletes, musicians, comedians, Hollywood actors, directors, reality tv stars, authors, magicians, wrestlers, broadcasters, influencers… The Godfathers have interviewed them all, and gotten used to hearing “That was one of the best interviews I’ve ever done!”

The Godfathers Of Podcasting produce a new show every week that can be heard on all major podcast providers.

The Godfathers:

Donnie DaSilva

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Donnie is a first generation Canadian who is very proud of his Portuguese roots. Donnie started working in radio when he was just 16 years old, and was a volunteer at a popular top 40 music station. Since that time, he’s hosted many different talk shows with subject matter that ranged from politics, current events, pop culture and sports. That broad background and his passion for research comes into play each week when he kicks off each interview with his trademark “Big Hello” and helps kickstart the conversation.  Donnie also has a career in the corporate world and is an outstanding coach of several sports – most notably basketball.  Donnie is also a proud dad and an aspiring home chef. 

Chris Tidwell

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, “Tid” is a true renaissance man. Don’t let the ugly face fool ya! This heavy metal drummer-turned-street fighter-turned professional wrestler (under the ring name  Notorious T.I.D.) happens to have a successful business career as well. He’s done everything from hard labour to media sales and has almost 25 years of on-air broadcast experience.  He’s been called the undisputed king of the one liners and quick comebacks.  He’s left improv comics absolutely speechless, and can make the most miserable person smile!