Episode 105 with Dinesh Tadepalli

It’s summer time and we’ve been off for a few weeks, but we’re back with another killer episode.  This week it’s just Donnie and Tid, as Dan is still busy Summerin’.

On this week’s show the boys talk about a whole host of subjects including PBR’s new product, the Sesame Place incident, the pizza delivery guy who became a damn hero and so much more!

Our featured guest this week is entrepreneur Dinesh  Tadepalli – the founder of Incredible Eats – a company that manufactures edible cutlery!!  Dinesh is dedicated to the reduction and elimination of plastic pollution and his company is certainly taking a major step towards that goal.

They produce spoons, sporks, chopsticks and straws that are not only edible – but delicious!  If this sounds familiar, it may be because Dinesh had a winning pitch on Shark Tank, where he received a deal from Lori Greiner!

Tune in now!


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