Episode 118 with John Tard

Your boys Donnie and Tid are back with another hilarious installment of everyone’s fav podcast!  This week, the guys discuss their best (and worst) Christmas gifts ever and ask the audience to write in with theirs.  They also talk about an incredible young man playing college basketball with one arm, the insane Trump NFTs, the NBA’s rebranding of their awards and more!

Our featured guest is Canadian punk rock legend John Tard!  John is known as the front man of Canada’s most politically incorrect band – The 3tards, and is also one helluva guy!  He’s a philantropist, fundraising champ, and hellraising protestor.  This dude is in the middle of fighting for what’s right all the time!  He’s also super high during this interview.   This is a great episode – don’t miss it!


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