Episode 126 with Shuli Egar & Scarlett Delgado

This week’s episode is brought to you by Dr Squatch all natural soaps, TotalSportCards.com, SundayNightsMainEvent.com and NOT Rogers home internet.

Donnie is still fuming because the back half of this week’s episode was a struggle for him, since Rogers services in his area went completely belly up for about an hour.  Thankfully, the tech issues still led to some funny moments, and being the experienced broadcaster that he is, Tid managed to hold it together.

This week the boys welcome TWO big guests!  

Up first is a young woman who recently became the Canadian CHAMPION of her weight class in boxing.  She’ll be competing at the Pan Am games in October, with her sights set on the 2024 Olympics in Paris.  Scarlett Delgado is back on the show!  Scarlett talks about the controversy revolving the World Championships in March, and why Canada and other countries have decided to boycott, as well as her thoughts on medalling at the Olympics, were strategy for different fights, and more!  

AND …. gentlemen, if you would like to win a DATE with the lovely Ms Delgado, you’re going to want to tune in!  

Then, Donnie and Tid welcome comedian Shuli Egar!  Shuli was a part of the Howard Stern show for 15 years, and he joins the boys to make a big announcement regarding the Godfathers of Podcasting.  Check it out!!


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