Episode 142 with Altered by Mom

So…. this was an exercise in trust, chemistry and experience.  Moments before going live, Donnie and Tid were talking and realized both of them were having tech issues.  The guests, and three producers in the virtual studio said everything sounded and looked fine to them – but Donnie and Tid were having the same experience:  Everyone sounded like they were underwater, and buffering so we missed every second word anyone said.  It was brutal.

We tried to resolve the issue, but nothing worked.  So Donnie and Tid did an episode where they barely able to hear each other OR the guests … and somehow, they pulled it off!

Our guests are Toronto-based rock stars – Gina and Devon, collectively known as Altered by Mom.  This is a great interview with lots of fun.  Many of the people in our live chat were learning about Altered by Mom for the first time, and they all said they loved them some ABM!  

Check out this episode, and hang till the end for a live performance from Altered by Mom!