Episode 169 with Godfrey Mangwiza

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Donnie and Tid are The Godfathers Of Podcasting – and this week they’re joined by another Godfather!  It’s reality TV star, Godfrey Mangwiza!  You’ve seen him on Big Brother Canada,  Bachelor in Paradise Canada and other shows.  He’s also a part of the Celebrity Net Fights events where he gets into a ring, and challenges other Reality TV stars to some hard hitting pro boxing action!  

All of you BBCan fans won’t be disappointed, because Godfrey also talks about his two closes friends that are on the current season, and addresses some controversial comments one of them made recently!

His next fight is on March 24th, and you can catch it at TrillerTV.com

Check out this fun episode, and if you’re a dude with a beard (or a dude who wants a beard) go to BaronialBeard.com