Episode 171 with Dan-e-o

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Well just a few weeks ago, we had former member of this show Dan-e-o on as a guest because he had just released a killer new single.  Well….. last week Dan-e-o released ANOTHER banger, so we said let’s bring him back!

Dan’s new track is called “Like We” and features Juno winning reggae artist Blessed.  This song is absolute fire.  Dan joins Donnie and Tid to talk about the process of putting this track together, and the thought that went into the lyrics.

Of course the boys decided to discuss some big stories that broke this week including the death of OJ Simpson, the end of Curb your Enthusiasm, Larry David’s phone call with The Rock, JK Rowling and more!

To pre-order Dan-e-o’s new album “Vigilante” (dropping on May 10th) go to Dan-e-o.com

Also… check out the video for Like We on YouTube, and if you’re a dude with a beard (or a dude who wants a beard) go to BaronialBeard.com