Episode 172 with Ryan McCombs

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This week, the Godfathers welcome one of the loudest voices in metal, the front man for both Drowning Pool and SOiL, Ryan McCombs!

Ryan has an interesting story in the music world.  He started out as the singer of Nu Metal band SOiL before decided to leave in 2004.  A year later, the band Drowning Pool (known for their mega smash hit “Bodies”) was in need of a new front man after singer Dave Williams passed away.  So Ryan stepped in and became the singer of Drowning Pool … for 7 years.  At that point, he left and went back to SOiL!  

Last year, it was announced that Ryan was going to re-join Drowning Pool, while continuing to front SOiL!  What a love triangle!

We talk to Ryan about all of that, and a whole lot more!  Don’t miss this fun interview!