Episode 174 with Ash Buchholz

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This week’s episode is going to go down as a favorite of Donnie and Tid’s!  The guest is someone Donnie has a LOT of history with – going all the way back to high school!  His name is Ash Buchholz, and he’s absolutely fascinating!

Ash found fame as the front man for the wildly popular alternative rock band USS – but his story is so much more robust than that.  In this exclusive interview (Ash has never been on a podcast before, and has never discussed most of these stories publicly) we discuss the disease that forced him to stop playing hockey as a kid, and prevented him from even entering puberty, the musical play he was in WITH Donnie, the incredible influences he’s had in his life, how his parents divorce sparked a musical awakening, the number of bands he was in over the years, how he almost died and lost his hand last summer, and his brand new musical project – Fraxinus Prime.  

On top of all that, Ash performs live!  He played a USS classic, his new Fraxinus Prime track for the first time, “Control Alt Delete”, and the first song he EVER wrote that Donnie remembers fondly.  

Fraxinus Prime is performing at the iconic Redwood Theatre in Toronto on May 11th, and they’re celebrating Ash’s birthday!
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