Episode 5 with Maestro Fresh Wes & Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll

This week’s episode can only be described as a rollercoaster.

Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o start off having a few laughs, and then pause the silliness for a few moments as they’re joined by their producer and news correspondent Nicole (the TV Gurl.

Nicole works for a major television news station and has been working long grueling hours dealing with the story of the senseless shooting that occurred this week in Nova Scotia. Nicole is visibly and audibly distraught as she shares her perspective from the newsroom. Our thoughts are prayers go out to our colleague, and especially to all the families and friends of the 22 individuals who needlessly had their lives taken this week.

The guys then attempt to switch gears as they’re joined by actor / producer and all around funny guy Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll. Rod talks about his career in film and television and even offers some valuable advice to those interested in breaking through.

Finally, we are thrilled to be joined by the incomparable Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop – the great Maestro Fresh Wes!

Wes talks openly about his journey as a musician, his favourite sports teams and lets you know what he’s up to right now – including a special concert happening this Saturday April 25th at 8pm Eastern on his Instagram page.

Be sure to check it out!