Episode 2 with The Blue Meanie

This episode of the GoP was absolutely littered with technical issues.  Only the second installment of our comeback, and the tech issues here had Donnie wanting to throw in the towel altogether!  The boys persevered though and battled on!  

Donnie, Tid and Dan were joined by their former technical producer Voodoo Drew who is also one of the founding members of iconic horror-core band, The So Sick Social Club.  Drew was joining us to discuss his band’s new album which was released on the same day, but he was essentially impossible to hear – which in Drew’s case, may not be a bad thing!  Go check out his band, and get their music!  
Also on this week’s episode, the boys are joined by their good pal Brian Heffron, better known to the world and to wrestling fans as The Blue Meanie!  This episode was just a few days before Wrestlemania, and we decided to chat with someone who has actually performed at Wrestlemania!  Makes sense right?
We also discuss plenty of other topics with Meanie, and talk about the debut of his podcast ‘Mind of the Meanie’!  Go check it out!

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