Episode 103 with Hal Johnson

Episode 103 is here – and despite a rocky start to the live broadcast with some tech issues, it ALL worked out!  Donnie and Tid have got you covered this week, as Dan is off livin the good life!  

This week, the guys talk about Gronk retiring (AGAIN), The Boys on Prime, the sad story of a former NBA player turned pan handler, a Hollywood producer hinting at a return of the original Freddy Kreuger, Elvis’s ex talking about the actor who portrays the King in the new film and more!!

Our featured guest is making his FOURTH appearance on the program!  He has been an iconic Canadian broadcaster across 5 decades, and along with his business partner and wife, has helped encourage a nation to keep fit, and have fun.

This week’s guest is Hal Johnson, of BodyBreak fame!  

Hal talks about his observations from his recent Alaskan cruise, his advice on managing your health, your sleep schedule, and more.  He also answers questions from the audience, talks about some great new products he’s endorsing and more! 

Check out this week’s episode now! 


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