Episode 36 with Christmas Abbott

The Godfathers Of Podcasting are here with our final episode of 2020!  Yes we’re taking a two week break to enjoy the holidays, but we’ll be back when the calendar flips!  We couldn’t end the year with anything less than a serious banger though!

On this week’s show, the boys talk about Tom Cruise yelling at the crew of Mission Impossible 7, a rock star yelling at toxic fans, Ohio residents yelling about their baseball team and people yelling about lockdowns! 

Our featured guest this week is fitness guru, author and reality tv star – Christmas Abbott!   Big Brother fans remember Christmas from Season 19 and Season 22 which was the All-Stars edition that wrapped up this past fall.  In addition to all of that, she was also the first-ever female pit crew member in NASCAR and she spent 4 years in Iraq!

Christmas addresses some of the online criticism that she’s been faced with since coming out of the BB house, and discusses what some of her future plans may be!  She also talks about her blossoming romance with fellow Big Brother All Star, Memphis Garrett!

Christmas is also the first guest in the history of this show to get naked in the middle of the interview.  No, we’re not kidding.  She gets naked.  For real.  She does.  Seriously.

To thank her for that, and to wrap up 2020, Dan-e-o had to throw down an impromptu freestyle for our girl!  At the end of the show, you’ll also see a clip from Dan’s 2017 ‘Dear Hip Hop 20 years Later’ album release party!  

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Happy Holidays everyone!!