Episode 37 with Dave Curran

Happy New Year and welcome back to The Godfathers Of Podcasting!  Donnie, Dan-e-o and Tid are thrilled to be back, making a new episode for all of you – despite the insane levels of civil unrest.

Of course, we dedicate a chunk of this episode to th terrorism acts that happened in Washington this week, as well as a discussion on conspiracy theories, and where does the US go from here…

Our featured guest this week is the “Bad Boy Of Hypnosis”, the great Dave Curran.  In addition to being a podcaster, tv producer, and magician, Dave is also a man with a strong political mind looking to weigh in on this week’s events.

He also peels back the curtain to share some behind the scenes information about the world of hypnosis and tells some of the craziest stories he’s seen while performing his “dirty” act.

Check us out!