Episode 38 with Ray Ray Mcelrathbey

Welcome back everyone!  This week, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o got to sit down with Ray Ray Mcelrathbey.  His real life story is the subject of a new Disney movie – “Safety” (streaming now on Disney+).

In this interview, Ray Ray talks about which parts of his life were portrayed accurately, and which parts were Hollywood magic …as well as what parts of his story COULDN’T be shown in a Disney film!  

This is a great chat with an absolutely outstanding human.  Check it out and visit his Foundation’s website, and go watch “Safety”!

Also on this week’s show, we talk about a former UFC champion that was fired from his broadcasting job for attending the Trump endorsed riots last week … We pay tribute to Willie O’Ree getting his jersey retired … and more!

Check it all out!