Episode 61 with Gangrel

Your boys are back with another fun episode – where they catch up with an old pal – a member of the WWE’s Attitude Era, Gangrel.  Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o talk to Gangrel about what he’s been up to lately and how he’s livin life down in Florida.  

He talks about many things including the gym where he’s training wrestlers of tomorrow, and the differences between training today versus when he first broke in.  We also touch on the fact that he recently got engaged at a Yankees game – and we get to the bottom of the story, “Is Gangrel a freakin’ Yankees fan?”.  He talks about a bunch of projects he currently has on the go including Gangrel’s Ghost Stories and his new podcast!  He even talks about the song your bro Dan-e-o recorded for him about 10 years ago and how he still uses it today! 

Check this episode out now!



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