Episode 139 with Bradie Whetham

So this week’s episode is a bit of a messy mudshow – but we know you’re gonna love it!  Our featured guest is former child star turned wrestler turned media mogul – Bradie Whetham … however, Bradie is hardly the only guest this week.

Last week, Reverend Bob Levy and Chris Tidwell decided that Donnie DaSilva needed to be live on the air consuming edibles.  The audience backed up that idea – and that’s what this whole episode is.  Donnie takes a few special items that Tid sent him, and the hilarity ensues.  Before anyone gets triggered, edibles are completely legal where Donnie and Tid live!

So Tid and Donnie have a bunch of different friends pop into the show, along with a series of hilarious pranks to try and make Donnie absolutely crack.  Did it work?

Tune in to this hysterical episode now!