Episode 42 with Bif Naked

You demanded we bring her back for an encore, and HERE SHE IS!  This week The Godfathers Of Podcasting hang out with Godmother Of Punk – the one and only Bif Naked!

On this week’s show, the guys talk to Bif about veganism, being married 3 times, her feelings about a word that some people consider to be particularly crass, being an inspiration to so many, the totally inappropriate behavior she was subjected to early in her career and SO much more!  Bif will be performing a live concert this Saturday Feb 13th at 9pm EST!  Go to SesssionsLive.com/BifNaked to get tickets now!

Also on this week’s show:  Donnie, Tid and Dan talk Black History Month, the Superbowl, The Weekend’s halftime performance, TV recommendations, and Dan offers up a new mini segment called “Dear Black People…”  

Check it all out now!



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