Episode 45 with The Whispers

Great news everyone! The number 45 has officially been restored to its former greatness. Although it may represent the worst U.S. president of our lifetime, it now also denotes what is arguably your new favourite
episode of The Godfathers of Podcasting!

On this week’s show, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o chop up a mixed bag of talk involving Dr. Seuss, The Muppets and Eminem.

The boys then welcome the most legendary guests the show has ever been blessed to interview – the iconic, platinum-selling, multi-award-winning R&B sensations, The Whispers!

Scotty and Walter Scott along with Leaveil Degree grace the show with their presence to discuss everything from the COVID-19 vaccine to the secret to their longevity in music (58 years and counting!) to their favourite sports, to which member had the most luck with the ladies!  All that and much more!

The show ends with a lyrical tribute from your bro, Dan-e-o who is a long-time super fan of The Whispers, celebrating his second interview with this incredible group.

Check out this week’s episode now!



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