Episode 57 with Jimmy Korderas

This week, The Godfathers Of Podcasting show off a range of emotion and topics as we start with Donnie’s cold open talking about the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.  The boys also discuss the passing of School of Rock star Kevin Clark, and with the State of New Hampshire trying to find Marilyn Manson – Tid shares a story about a time he wanted to kill the gothic rocker.  

Dan nearly sets himself on fire this week – and strangely enough – Tid kinda predicted it!  What are we talking about?  Tune in!

Our featured guest this week is former pro wrestling referee Jimmy Korderas.  Jimmy is a long time friend of all 3 of The Godfathers and is a true gentleman.  This conversation is pretty wrestling heavy but will appeal to non wrestling fans as we discuss some of the intricacies of the show and talk about May 23 1999 – a day Jimmy will never forget.  That was when Owen Hart fell from the rafters of the Kemper arena, some 80 feet to his death – right next to where Jimmy was standing in the ring.  It’s a heart breaking story, and Jimmy shares his thoughts.

Check it out now!!